VoodooIO is a physical interface which can be constructed, adapted and modified in real-time using a collection of basic controls (Voodoo Pins). The controls are self-contained embedded devices that communicate with a computer via a substrate material, using Pin&Play technology. The controls have pin-like connectors to allow socketless attachment to the substrate material, which acts as a power supply and a network medium. The Voodoo Pins, such as buttons, switches, knobs, sliders and lights, can be positioned anywhere on the material.

VoodooIO adopts a vision of the physical interface as a malleable material that can be shaped and adapted, rather than a device with a predetermined form or prescribed use. The intention is to overcome the obstacles that prevent hardware interfaces from being as easily appropriable by users as graphical user interfaces (and software applications in general) have become, blurring the boundaries between interface developers, interaction designers and end-users.

A video example which was submitted to the SIGGRAPH ’06 conference.

The Semekrys: an innovative MIDI instrument

The Semekrys was developed by Nicolas Fournel in the early 1990s. It uses four touch-screens, 2 were continuous controls and the other 2 had 96 square zones to locate the position of the finger, to send MIDI data to an Amiga 2000.



Midines is a NES cartridge that enables MIDI control of the console’s sound chip. The NES soundchip includes Pulse, Triangle, Noise and DMC channels and the Midines cartridge also provides access to sweep, duty, volume and length sound registers.



Spencer Kiser has created a turntable that lets you arrange and play colours in real time. The spinCycle uses a camera to analyse the colours (red, yellow or blue) on the turntable before outputting sound and a visual display.

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