Reactable is a tabletop tangible user interface allowing several performers to control the instrument simultaneously. By moving physical objects on the table surface, users can interact with one another (locally or remotely). Researched and developed by the “Interactive Sonic Systems” team at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona Spain.

A video camera beneath the translucent table tracks the position and relationship between the objects and instant visual feedback is displayed by a projector.

Freqtric Drums

Freqtric Drums is a drum machine enabling a performer to interact directly with the audience. Both the performer and the audience drums wear rings connecting them to an interface. Skin contact is detected using Electro Dermal Activity (EDA) and human skin resistance, which are used in Polygraphs. The drum sounds are triggered by the drummer touching an audience members hand (or even nose or forehead). It’s MIDI enabled to allow any drum sounds to be used. There are more videos here [1] [2]

Tenori-on at Artfutura05

Toshio Iwai demonstarting a Tenori-on at Artfutura 2005.


The Beatbox is a physical programmable drum machine and consists of 5 tappers. Each tapper allows the user to play a rhythm, and then it can re-play the rhythm until it is stopped, or a new rhythm is played. The tappers can then be placed on different materials and objects to create a custom drum kit.


Developed by James Patten and Ben Recht, the audiopad tracks the position of objects on a tabletop and converts the movement into sound. The display provides visual feedback for the performer and the audience. The system is based on an earlier device made by James Patten called SenseTable.

Drum Buddy

Drum Buddy

Drum Buddy is a rhythm machine created by New Orleans based drummer Mr Quintronics using photo-electric resistors. A limited number were built at the end of 1999 and are as such very rare! There are sound samples on the site you should check out

The only difference with the DRUM BUDDY is that the rules are all new and not based on any preordained music system, but on color coded switches, pipes, knobs, and your own sense of rhythm – not a single number, letter or word to restrict your playing.

Since posting this on the forum there is now a cool Drum Buddy demo on youtube, after new Drum Buddy instruments were made in 2007.

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