365 Days Project 2007

Otis Fodder has started 365 Days Project for 2007. Expect a daily dose of musical oddities! The original project from 2003 can be found here.

Last.fm player and multiple artists

I’m a big fan of last.fm, its a great way to discover new & old music. They’ve just upgraded the last.fm player but they’ve disabled the listen to multiple artists/tags feature, due to legal reasons. Anyway, here’s a cheap hack that you can use to listen to multiple artists. Type this into your internet browser address bar:

lastfm://multipleartists/sergei rachmaninoff,dmitri shostakovich,fats waller

Make sure you replace the artists with who you’d like to listen to! A similar method can be used for multiple tags:


minilogue – hitchhikers choice

A short version of a stopmotion video for minilogue for their hitchhikers choice track released on crosstown rebels. A longer version of the animation will be available on a forthcoming DVD. The animation was made by Ljudbilden & Piloten

György Ligeti – Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes

A composition by György Ligeti made in 1962 as a brief encounter with the Fluxus movement. The metronomes are wound up and set to different speeds. The piece begins as the metornomes are started in unison, rhythmical patterns play against one another as they wind down.

Dan Deacon on NBC

A short interview with Dan Deacon followed by performance of his track Ohio on NBC.

Originally I posted this on the forum with a link to the .mov file. The Standard OIl Records site seems to be down, although the link is still active.


Another post pulled from the old forum, Duracell is a great drummer using electronically triggered drums to play covers of Turrican, Space Harrier and more! A great live act, and videos are now on youtube.

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