Exactshit 2

Following on from the Si Begg/Ho-Fun AV mashups we have Hexstatic under the alias Exactshit who are releasing a new DVD called ‘Now Thats What I Call Exactshit Vol 2’. Available from ninjatune shop in the new year or on a Limited DVD from ebay. Be quick though as the limited release will sell through very quickly!

There are lots of quirky reworks on the DVD from Long Haired Fool From Liverpool, to Sound of Music to Firestarter and even Ren & Stimpy. My personal favourite has to be the mashup of Papa with Hal from 2001:

To find more AV mashups from Hexstatic, check their YouTube profile page here.

Si Begg Vs Ho-Fun

Back in late 2005 Si Begg & Ho-Fun released two audiovisual DVD mashups on the Noodles label. Originally there was going to be seven releases (according to a press release at the time), but no show of the remaining five! Long since discontinued, you can now find the first two on YouTube (along with some other HoFun goodies)!!

The first DVD had an AV mix of Charade starring Audery Hepburn. The film used to be available on www.archive.org but was removed for copyright reasons – see this forum post for further details. Anyway here is the remake from Noodles!

The second DVD had AV mashups of two Si Begg tracks on Novamute, Revolution and Revelation, released shortly after the singles. The Revelation video can be found here, and _this_ is the Revolution:

There are some more Ho-Fun AV mixes to enjoy, Mad As Hell


…and Commercial Sucicide. It would be great to see the follow-up releases!


Since the original post, I found a new video at youtube.


The intention behind RGB is to encourage audience participation in the musical composition phase when performing live music. The system was developed by Tomas Dvorak, Alessandro Capozzo and Matous Godik. Flashlights are used to interlace red, green and blue colours which can be combined to produce more colours. The position and colour of the lights helps to determine the resulting sound output.


Sonasphere is an audiovisual software application by Nao Tokui which provides the user with a 3D canvas onto which they can add objects. The objects can be sound samples, effects or mixers, and it is possible to connect these objects together to modify the sound. Parameters of the objects can be assigned to 3D coordinates for the 3D canvas, so a filter object can have the cutoff frequency assigned to the x axis, the resonance to the y. The distance between a connected sound object and filter object control the volume. In addition gravitational forces act between each of the objects to create a more dynamic and chaotic environment.