Sormina is a musical instrument developed by Juhani Räisänen.

The aim of my project is to gain knowledge about instruments and their impact in the western classical music. My point is that the material quality of acoustical instruments has had a major effect in the development of music

Sound is created by noise generators and the instrument is used to shape the sound via eight potentiometers controlled by the fingers. The sensory data is then passed to a computer via bluetooth. Each potentiometer controls a different sound parameter, such as attack, delay, gain and effrect parameters.


Murat Konar developed loopqoob , an interative performance system which uses sensor-equipped cubes to produce sound. A unique music loop is mapped to each side, so the orientation of the cubes determines the music played.

A similar project is Neel Joshi‘s music_blocks which consists of four wooden blocks each containing a 2 axis photointerrupter tilt sensors and a speaker. Three notes and silence are mapped to each side of the blocks, so positioning them in certain ways creates different sound output. The system is controlled via max/msp.